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Turks and Caicos Weather

Turks and Caicos weather is about as perfect as it gets. Much like other Caribbean islands there is an abundance of sunshine and blue skies, a result of its tropical latitude, with the average temperature around 83 F / 28 C. It is hot in the summer, with September usually being the hottest month, but not unbearably so; trade winds blowing off the water are a constant tempering feature of Turks and Caicos weather. Even the coldest portion of the islands' weather - nighttime lows during January and February - are pleasant in the low 60s.

Where the Turks and Caicos weather differs from other Caribbean islands, is its distinct lack of rainfall. The island of Providenciales, locally known as 'Provo' is renowned as one of the driest places on the planet. Most islands receive less than 30 inches of precipitation annually and enjoy 350 sunny days a year. So be prepared to dress for the sunshine and don't forget to bring the sunscreen for those lazy days on the beach.

Summer Monthly Average Temperatures
Months High Low
June 86°F / 30°C 79°F / 26°C
July 87°F / 31°C 80°F / 27°C
August 88°F / 31°C 80°F / 27°C
September 88°F / 31°C 80°F / 27°C
October 86°F / 30°C 79°F / 26°C
November 84°F / 29°C 76°F / 24°C

Winter Monthly Average Temperatures
Months High Low
December 82°F / 28°C 75°F / 24°C
January 80°F / 27°C 73°F / 22°C
February 81°F / 27°C 73°F / 22°C
March 82°F / 28°C 74°F / 23°C
April 83°F / 28°C 75°F / 24°C
May 85°F / 29°C 77°F / 25°C

If the Turks and Caicos weather appeals to you, we recommend that you search our luxury Turks and Caicos accommodation page for a wide selection of hotels, resorts, and villas in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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